Our Mission

Social Enterprise UK


Being a good citizen these days is almost like a full-time job - “eat this, not that”; “wear this, instead of that”; “don’t buy this, buy that!”. We really don’t want to give you yet another item to add to your list of 'things I should really be doing' so we’ve tried our absolute best to make this as easy as possible for you by providing something that's simpler, cleaner and greener to use. When something is easy, it's easier to do repeatedly, and that compounding effect is what creates dramatic change. That's what we aim to do with NUDOS, by providing an easy-peasy alternative to the consistent and irreversible damage that single-use gift wrap causes to the Earth. 

We can't (yet) claim to provide a silver bullet solution to the single-use gift wrap and waste problem. However, we can with 100% conviction claim that we’re doing every little thing we can to get us closer to something that can help eliminate single-use gift wrap. For good. 

Whilst we’re on this journey, it might mean that today we’re using deadstock material discarded by fashion houses, tomorrow we’re using recycled plastic bottles. Either way, the core mission remains the same:

We want to give the world a way to wrap gifts that's easier for people and the planet.

Also core to our mission, is you. Without you, there’s no NUDOS, there’s no better way to wrap and there’s no gift-wrap revolution. We want our customers to be more than just customers, we want them to be involved, have a say and participate in the mission to a better future. So keep an eye out or sign-up to our newsletter (at the bottom of the page) for opportunities to get involved, whether it's through joining our beta testers group, wrapping workshops or sharing the story behind your gift. 

There is no magic fix for complex single-use consumption and climate issues. But there are simple steps you can take right now to be a part of the solution. Every purchase you make with us is another conscious step to move towards a better planet where we don't over exploit our limited resources - and for that, we're eternally grateful for you joining us on this mission. 


Year Here


NUDOS was started by Nish, it began life whilst he was on postgraduate social impact programme Year Here. During his time on the programme he learned more about climate change and the rising tide of single-use products. He began to consider why the climate threat had pushed us to revolutionise some of our habits and ways of life but at the same time not touched other aspects of life at all, for example wrapping paper. 

With the sole intention of just getting to the bottom of it he started with a question: 

“How might we eliminate single use wrapping paper?”


In the beginning, it sounded ridiculous to even say it out loud. People won’t understand, he thought, they’ll think: “What’s the big deal with wrapping gifts?”

But the more he researched and uncovered, the more he realised that the ridiculous part was that nobody was actually doing anything about it. After spending time with a recycling expert at his local recycling centre, he found that actually even the highest quality wrapping paper that money can buy can only be recycled five or six times, if it doesn’t end up in landfill first. He also realised that recycling had come to be seen as this nirvana, whereby we were buying things that were still “single-use” but since they were also labelled as “recyclable” we would do so without thinking twice. Almost as if recycling is an infinite, energy-free process. 

That’s when he started to realise that recycling was being used as a band-aid over a single-use problem. The key is to progress one step beyond and reuse products for as long as we possibly can and finally recycle them only when necessary. 

Finally, as a result of extensive research, interviews, prototyping and assessing materials based on their sustainability lifecycle, NUDOS was born. As a vehicle to get to the bottom of a problem that’s been too long ignored.