The best part about wrapping with NUDOS is that it is much quicker than wrapping than with single-use paper. Check out the quick video below or following along the steps below. Don't worry if you mess it up the first time round, you can undo/redo it as many times as you want. 



We love seeing how creative the NUDOS community can get when it comes to wrapping. If you're proud of what you've just wrapped - tag and follow us on instagram ( with #theNUDOSway and be automatically entered into our quarterly competition to receive 35% off your next purchase. Winners are announced on Instagram and will receive a direct message from us.


1. Ditch the scissors, tape, measuring device and ribbons. Step away from the single-use wrapping paper. 

2. Lay your NUDOS wrap flat, label-side up on a flat surface. Ideally a table but the boot of your car will also work if this is a last minute wrap before you head to the party. 

3. Place the gift in the centre of the wrap along the diagonals, so that the sides of your gift are perpendicular to the sides of your wrap.

4. Fold two of the opposing corners towards each other over the gift and either fold the corners in again or leave them out. 

5. Fold the remaining two corners towards each other and this time tie a knot, almost as if you were tying a shoelace.

You're done. Sit back and enjoy all that extra time you've saved with a well deserved cup of tea. Unless of course this was last minute wrap, then you'd better get going!