What size do I need?

The diagonal length of the cloth should roughly 3 times (or more) the longest side length of the object you plan to wrap.

See below as an example. E.g. with a 70cm wrap (diagonal length ~99cm) you can wrap a gift with a max side length of up to ~30cm. 
Wrapping with NUDOS sizing small
how to wrap nudos medium
how to wrap nudos large
NUDOS wraps come in 3 square sizes:
  • Small: 48cm to 60cm - wraps e.g. a regular sized book (for coffee table books or larger than A5 size order Medium), perfume box, candle, jewellery, an iPhone box.
  • Medium: 68cm to 75cm - wraps e.g. a coffee table book, a jumper/trousers/t-shirt, small toys, a wine bottle, an iPad box.
  • Large: 85cm to 95cm - wraps e.g. a large shoe box, two wine bottles together, a Macbook box. 
The reason for the size ranges is that sometimes we're using offcuts and deadstock material with different widths and sizes.
If you still aren't sure what size you need please email us at info@nudos.earth and we'd be happy to assist.